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Health Checkup
Health Check up
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CEO Greeting
KUIMS President Ki Tack Kim
Thank you for accessing KUIMS's homepage.

As a president of our Hospital, I have made it one of my goals to create a global environment within our hospital with the purpose of opening our doors to the world. We have implemented several innovative features into our treatment system to reflect this.

First and foremost, this is our practice of Integrated East-West Medicine through our integrative centers. The combined practice and collaboration of Western and Oriental medicine offer patients a treatment well suited for the 21st century. We are proud to be the first university hospital in Korea to put this new medical system into action. KUIMS is always on the patient's side, constantly trying to create the most comfortable conditions and peaceful environment for the patient. Our doctors treat our patients like our family, and strive to run a patient-centered hospital in order to become one of Korea's leading hospitals.

KUIMS keeps in mind the same goals the top-notch hospitals have in mind: having the right mindset for advancements/leaps, and the establishment of several general hospitals.

Embracing the era of change and development, our staff and all other members of our hospital (e.g. community service workers) will become one to provide top-notch medical treatments to our patients and set forth the most academic educational institutions as our goals in the face of marketing.

We always wish for your healthy and peaceful lifestyle. Thank you very much.
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